Playing Friendly

Hey kid, look here. I realize you probably claim to make a living off this game or something but you know what? I’m here to have fun. And dammit, I’m going to have fun. But, I’m not having fun here with you anymore. You know what I’m gonna do? I’m going to take this 2000 I made off you , and I’m going to pocket 1500 and I’m going to go donk off 500 in chips to the nearest 10-20 game I can find with your money kid. How’s that sound to you?” He got up, he left and donked off 500 in the 10-20 which is where I saw him.

So all you internet players out there with the bad tempers and the advice for everyone who sucks out on you, keep it quiet at the table, play well, play with class, lose like a man, and that money will still be available for you to get back. You know what? You may make a new friend in the process.

Though once he calls the $56.00 on the turn, I’m NOT bluffing the river. Though at that point he’s getting big odds to call even with AK on the river. I don’t think he would play this hand this way against another player that isn’t as aggro.

Another similar hand where I flop Top and bottom pair on the button with Ad 6d and the flop comes Ac 7s 6s. Wind up all in on the flop against a shortish stack. Never showed that one in the HH either. My guess was a big ace again or could have been a straight draw /FD combo. The board bricked off so either way it didn’t come in.

He’s going to email me when he’s coming down next time. He liked playing with me because I was friendly and liked to have a good time. Having a new friend like that is golden, and besides, I do like playing with him not only for the money factor. It was a good time.

Flop 5c 4d 4s
Bunky checks, villain checks. Being out of position I was playing a bit of a broken wing act here. He was aggressive and he is more than capable of betting here thinking I’m on a big ace. I can then check raise or smooth call to reevaluate but he can literally have anything here. he checks behind.