Roulette Systems – Left Behind In The Cold System

In this article we’re going to talk about a system called Left Behind in the cold yeah. The name of this systems comes from. Basically, I made it because the relates to streets and the last Street to be hit after a series of spins – that’s the the coldest Street. So that’s how I came up with the name so left behind in the cold. So this is how it works.

So I recommend I’m just using roulette extreme because it’s easy because it’s tracking the streets for me as you can see it’s a good. It’S a great program. It’S around $ 50 u.s. It’S definitely worth it.

They do updates and changes all the time which make it good and you can. You can quite easily just work out your progressions and betting systems and it’s a good testing software to have so looking at this. I’Ve set it up, so you can actually see the streets when they’re hit.

Now that’s brought up by when it goes to statistics and the streets, and you can see others come up too, but in this case we’re focusing on the streets now I’ll show you the table. You can see the table there, so what we’re doing is we’ve got basically, as you can see by the table, you’ve got 35 chances or actually four to eat when we count the we’re waiting for five bits before we start 40 chances to actually get a hit On that Street we’re looking for now, the number of spins is actually going to be a bit more because overall were waiting for the that Street to hit. So when that Street actually hits it could be actually 50. 55. 60 spins.

So that’s a good! That’S a good success rate, a or a good chance for that straight to be hit that we’re waiting for okay, so that Street. So let’s do an example, as you can see when I spin it gives us the numbers here and it keeps track of the street.

That’S hit so we keep playing until we’re waiting for one street to remain, as you can see, it’s building up there and we’ve got 13 to 15 25 to 27. So when one of those hits we start our timer okay, 1315 hit. So we’re left with 25 to 27, so this street here now we’re actually gon na wait. Another 5 spins before we’re going to start bidding our progression system. That just gives us a bit more of a safeguard if it hits well, you haven’t lost anything.

Have you? It’S a bit of a waiting game in this system, but it is very successful. I have found the the amount that you could potentially lose is when we’re betting with one units is 190, but to date I’ve only think I’ve lost once, but overall it has generated a pretty good profit. As you can see there, it is good to look at the the wins and the ratio as a percentage to see what you’ve actually the return on your investment.

So in the first one, as you can see, we have we’re betting one. We win, we win actually 11 back, so our return on investment is a hole in the first one. 1100 and I’ve tried to make it so.

Your return investment is at least 4 %, so you’re getting a return, usually higher than the bank. So that’s what you want. I mean you’re risking a lot when you go further in the progression, so you want at least get a percentage return.

That’S reasonable! Ok! So, let’s start our 5 now we’re waiting 5, so accounting another’s 5, but before we actually start betting to keep tabs of that 1. 2. 3 – that actually, unfortunately here so that’s an example there, where you can say, hang on well, why don’t? We just bet straight away.

Well, that’s the risk you take, but this is more conservative and I guess it’s bit more of a safeguard to just wait a bit longer. So I’m happy to wait so just going to reset now sorry file new session, I’m just going to start that again. So here we go. You can see here that it’s taken 34 hits before the 9221 was the last Street that hasn’t been here.

Okay. So that’s a good, that’s a good sign to say well, hang on when the the we’ve got up to 35 plus 34 plus another five 1775 etc spins before you know it will not hit if it does not hit. So that’s iLike those chances.

That’S not too bad. We’Ll set this as it as a dollar. Nineteen.

Sorry we’re going to wait. Five! Aren’T we one two three four five? Okay, happy with that now, let’s go bidding one one unit for six spins, one, two, three, four, five, six, two units for six spins: there we go it hit hit on the the eighth, the eighth spin. We won 14 units, I’m pretty happy with that. So, let’s start again, if you’re doing this online, you might want to after a few few wins or the profits you might decide.

Okay: let’s have that, let’s safeguard our profits, so instead of betting, one unit bet half a unit, so fifty 0.5 fifty cents as an example, you just safeguarding your profit for the day and if you lose you’re not going to lose as much so my target today. I’M suggesting I’ve got 14 at the moment. I’M happy with with 40 40 units 40 or 50 units is a good take-home profit. So let’s start out process again under two streets: okay, so that one only took 18.

Okay, let’s work for five now, four to six seconds. Three one. Two three is five: let’s start a progression, so six pins with a with one unit: okay, very lucky: there we got it on the first one, the first one we won eleven so are up. Twenty five units, so this is a progressive system, some people with their bidding just like to do flat bits, but, as you can see, if we’re betting on the same street for a lot of spins, we got we’ve got to use a progression system. So I’m quite happy with this.

Okay, let’s see how we go do another last session. Here we go so 23 before the last one was hit, so I got ta wait: 5, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and now I start a bidding. 1.

2. 3. 4.

5. 6 2 units 4 6 3 units for 5 spins. There we go so we’ve got that on the 48 spin after we started betting, so our profit there is total 37, so yeah I like this. Yes, it’s going to lose gon na use lose occasionally, but it should win more than it loses, which equals a pretty good system in my mind. So thanks for watching and we’ll be back, of course, with many more systems.

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